Digitizing the market research industry in Africa in order to empower the consumer insight generation process throughout the continent.


We build the next generation of insight automation and develop research technologies and platforms. We assist Insights Agencies in building in-house digital consumer insights skills, expertise and capabilities.


We build, manage and grow online panels. Our digital solution cuts down research costs, provides direct and rapid access to consumer insights in real-time, allowing organizations to react swiftly to findings.


We build and deploy online & mobile surveys to support real-time data collection for Consumer Segmentation, Brand Usage and Attitudes, Customer Satisfaction, Pricing Research, Ad and Product Testing.


We provide hard-to-reach online research participants for insights projects across Africa (South Africa, Nigeria, Kenya, Ghana, Mozambique, Zimbabwe and Tanzania).


We provide digital ethnographic solutions giving access to consumer longitudinal behaviour through the use of online diaries and rich video footage, bringing research to life.


We provide digital platforms that empower the consumer insights generation using innovative qualitative methodologies through digital insight communities or online focus groups.

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